5 years Hedi Adahmani & MarocknRoll - our Anniversary Special Offers and the story behind

I feel like time is running... Wow! It's officialy now already more then 5 years!🎊

And I want to celebrate this event with you, offering some special deals! And if you want to read more about the history of Hedi Adahmani, read the text below in this post.

 FREECUSHION is your anniversary code if you want to get one PomPom Cushion FOR FREE in whichever color you want.

After having spent 2 years in Morcco and plunging into the rug art of 1001 nights, my admiration for the handcrafted rugs was set.

First I didn`t think about creating a business, I brought Moroccan Rugs to all my family members, friends and work colleagues, who asked me for it.

🌱As the demand got more & more, I officially created my company in 2017. During these years I work close with specialised Moroccan rug partners, spending many months per year in Morocco to ensure original, traditional and sustainable products.

Hedi Adahmani About Story

The result of nowadays collection.

Do you want to read more about the story behind this company? Find more HERE.

Wonderful anniversary greets from Davos🌨⛄❄


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