The Meaning of Symbols in a Moroccan Berber Carpet

The traditional Berber carpet is known for its geometric patterns. The artistic expression on the rugs generally uses simple patterns and all of them have significance in relation to everyday life. Here is some of them explained.

  • The zigzag symbolizes travel and also represents water which is also connected to connecting and meeting.
  • The scarab is the symbol of protection from the evil eye.
  • The teapot is used in reference to the welcome and friendliness to visitors in the house.
  • Butterflies, flowers or stars are symbols for the feminine beauty and also for nomadic journeys.
  • The twigs express the closeness to nature and are related to the tree of life.
  • The palm tree or the camel designate the suffering and the resilience of the Berber woman relating to their lifestyle.
  • The Berber Cross is a symbol of freedom referring to a human-being standing with legs wide apart and the hands towards the sky.

Hand-knotting a Berber rug takes time, skills, creativity and patience. The Berber women preserve their traditions to offer the fruit of their talents to all carpet lovers. Berber women usually work in cooperatives or from home all over Morocco depending on the style.

For example the Azilal carpets are the traditional handcrafted arts of the Azial region - deep somewhere in the Atlas mountains, where only dirt roads are leading to the cooperatives where they are made.

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