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Artikel: What`s a Moroccan Beni Ourain carpet?

What`s a Moroccan Beni Ourain carpet?

What`s a Moroccan Beni Ourain carpet?

What is a Moroccan Beni Ourain Carpet?

Beni Ourain is one such exclusive Berber carpet style from the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Berber rugs are the other name for Moroccan rugs that are hand-knotted and come in both - traditional and modern designs. The original Moroccan rugs are created out of 100% sheep wool, without any synthesizing it with some other component. Such Berber rugs offer the highest quality and thus, they are completely authentic. This is why Beni Ourain are considered to be the home of handmade rugs or carpets that are being imported from Morocco. These carpets consume a lot of time, hard work, and detailed attention that makes them relatively unique and different as compared to others. Hence, Berber rugs are quite popular and appreciated throughout the world.

The glorious Beni Ourain rugs not only just develop an authentic feel, but also establishes a connection between the Moroccan traditions and the interior or home decor of modern-day homes and workplaces. There are assorted types of Moroccan rugs that one can choose from. This carpet is known to be one of the most expensive Moroccan rugs, as they are being prepared from the pure wool of sheep. And the best part of this is that it can perfectly go well with any room decor, regardless of its place.

Beni Ourain Teppiche aus Marokko Shop Schweiz

Why should one choose to purchase Moroccan Beni Ourain Carpets?

Moroccan rugs are a superior kind of rugs, that is capable of suiting perfectly with almost all kinds of furnishings and places and even has a variety of options and alternatives depending purely upon the needs and requirements of the shopper. Moreover, they look exceptionally stunning and suit nicely in almost all types of interior decors.

Furthermore, these plausible Beni Ourain rugs have in recent times become an idea of home styling and have thus persisted to prosper and thrive tremendous vogue among the people. These are also regarded to be a great option for warming up a place during winters, because of the thicky texture of the fabric and also the comfort of the wool, which make them all the while better for fetching a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Precisely, consider the immense duration of time, efforts, skills and creativity that has been harmonized together to make such fascinating and classical carpets to bring in a feeling of warmth and reinforce a touch or sense of Morocco into the comfort of your place.


Are you looking to enhance the allure of either your personal space or workspace? But, confused about how to do so? Then, the Moroccan Rug could be an optimal solution for you. Moroccan rugs are not just beautiful and elegant, but also can augment the overall look and style of any place. It is a great way of making a fashion statement before family and friends, in terms of your selection of home decor.

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