Marmusha Berber Teppich aus Marokko rosa weiss schwarz
Frida MARMUSHA 2 x 3
Frida MARMUSHA 2 x 3
Frida MARMUSHA 2 x 3

Frida MARMUSHA 2 x 3

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This carpet is pure magic: a natural and soft wool rug created specifically for your home. Like the portrait of Frida.

Say goodbye to your cold, empty floor. Using just high-quality wool from Atlas mountain sheeps, this carpet is exceptionally pure, highly soft, non scratchy, and will wonderfully fit into your interior design - leaving it cozy, tasteful, and radiantly charming.

In comparison to other Moroccan Rugs in this rug is only best and softest wool used. It is also heavier then other Rugs in the same size as more wool is used and the knots are closer to each other.

Material: purest and softest quality wool from Morocco 

Fringes: on both sides 

Size: around 2m x 3m

This Marmusha rug will soon arrive in our storage in Switzerland. If you order it now it will arrive in your home within 8-12 days.