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Hi, I am Hedi Adahmani. My mission: I help people to excite their homes with WOW rugs and to make the decision for a sustainable product.


I feel you! I know that first of all the whole online shop world can be pretty overwhelming. After having spent two years in Morcco, plunging into the rug art of 1001 nights , I decided to build my own rug business. I wanted to create a modern selection and combine my knowledge and experience about Moroccan Rug Interior Design with a sustainable company-philosophy.

For this I began to go deeper into the topic "Moroccan Rug Art" - which was easy as my Moroccan partner came from a traditional rug producing family. I was so excited about the topic, that I started traveling around - especially in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains - to get to know everything about different traditional styles and cooperatives which produce them.

First I didn`t think about creating a business, I brought Moroccan Rugs to all my family members, friends and work colleagues, who asked me to do so. Naturally I became the expert for the Moroccan rugs in my personal surroundings .

As the demand and the orders got more and more, I officially opened my company in 2017. During these years I work close with specialized Moroccan rug partners , spending many months per year in Morocco to ensure original, traditional and sustainable products . I expanded the selection to different traditional rug styles - The result of today's collection.

Today I`ve got a loyal and excited Instagram and Rug Interior community , which likes to buy my one-of-a-kind and sustainable products . I get regular demands to help clients and hotels finding their perfectly fitting products.

What I want to say with that: It is also possible for you to make your home a cozy and an absolutely stylish place. If you are ready for a fresh change , feel free to get inspired in the shop . I also gladly help you with finding your perfect choice .

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TANJA - creative, clever and unbelievably adorable. She maintains the rug stock in Davos, Switzerland. She is the one who attaches the labels by hand, wraps the rugs carefully and sends them to your homes.


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Jeannette from and writes:

" Shortly after moving into the new, spacious loft apartment, my three boys (Frank 41, Léon 3 1/2 and Louis 16 months) and I found an adequate and affordable Berber carpet at Marock'n'Roll that we had never had want to miss again. "

See article:

INFO: was previously

Leandra from Schaffhausen: "The rugs arrived well, thank you very much! I adore all the rugs, amazing wool quality, wonderfully soft - marvelous!"

Claudia from from Zurich writes:

"We enjoy our beni everyday!"

@denk.bunt left us the following message and keeps posting pictures of her living room:

"Thank you!! I'm having a lot of fun with the carpet!! Thanks for the quick delivery!! Kind regards"

Céline Perret from about her Beni Ourain:

"J'adore mon tapis qui est vraiment top et qui est tellement doux - Hedi, un contact très priviligé pour l'artisanat de Maroc."

ENG: "I adore my rug which is so top and so soft - Hedi, a very privileged contact for art crafts from Morocco."

Anna B. from Zurich wrote us an email:

" The Beni Ourain rug is exactly how I wanted it to be and even more beautiful than I could have imagined - incredibly soft and it even smells like freshly washed sheep. The best thing is, it looks as if it has always been there It's so well integrated into its surroundings and makes the large old building room much more comfortable! I just bought a second carpet from you because I couldn't resist bringing this coziness into my living room too... Many thanks Thank you very much, I will definitely look forward to it for a long time! The carpets show so much love and passion, keep up the woman power! ❤ ️"

Karin G. from Bern left a short message with a picture :

"Thank you for the prompt delivery! We really like the Beni Mguild!"

Sara from @saraisinlovewith writes:

"Hedi's shop is a true gem full of rare Moroccan treasures. She finds the most unique carpets that add a lot of personality to a home. I couldn't be more happy with my carpet and how it transformed my entrance area."

Charly W. from Lachen (Schwyz) had his Beni Ourain custom-made to his wishes,

This is the result in his living room:

Eli from Bern - @eliemerentia - also had her design made to measure,

here is the result:

"I'm incredibly happy and thank you very much for your commitment. Soooo beautiful, thank you for everything!"

@less__ismore also shared our rug on IG and left us the message:

"I really appreciate the carpet!"

lessismore Beni Ourain Carpet Switzerland Hedi Adahmani Reviews Rating Experiences

I received this message including a picture (of her exclusive vintage Boujaad) from Janine in Munich - @janinewala:

"So beautiful. So warm. So traditional. Such beautiful memories. Such a dream. So grateful."

The Konrad family, Rodels, GR has a total of six Moroccan carpets from MarocknRoll in their typical Schellen-Ursli house - hedi-adahmani: "We have several Adahmani carpets in our apartment. In the entrance area, bedroom, kitchen and living room. I appreciate the virgin wool and vegetable-tanned carpet quality. Looks great! Pure feel-good."

We received this message from a wonderful customer on Instagram:
Tanja (@taeni__) in Davos looks young, colorful and trendy:
@theweekendend keeps posting pictures on Instagram with her Azilal carpet from MarocknRoll - hedi-adahmani:
Marlene W. from Lörrach @marlllleeeene sent me a picture of the children's room and wrote: "I'm really excited! I think the colors and size of the carpet are very suitable for a children's room. My children love the fluffy quality under their feet "Really great value for money. The carpet arrived very quickly and everything was totally uncomplicated. Furthermore, there was no unpleasant smell because of the wool."
Children's room fluffy Beni Ourain carpets shop Switzerland Berber carpet buy Hedi Adahmani
@secretjungles posted a post about her pompom blanket on her story:

secretjungles pompom blanket hedi adahmani