3 Amusing Facts About BENI OURAIN Rugs You Didn`t Know Yet

Did you know already this amusing Facts about Beni Ourain Rugs?

Beni Ourain Rugs are those white-black timeless classy rugs from Morocco. Perhaps the bestselling export when it comes to handcrafted arts from this country. But let`s see how many of the following facts are new for you.

1 Yves Saint Laurent admired the illuminating cozy Beni Ourain rugs in his home.

I found the following picture on a blog from elledecor.com, which shows the blue room in his villa oasis. After Yves Saint Laurent and Bergé visited the first time Marrakech, they felt completely in love with Morocco and its architecture and art.

yves saint laurent morocco beni ourain


2 Beni Ourain Rugs were traditionally used as blankets.

Why? To wrap the body into the warmth of the sheep wool. It brings still nowadays Berber family members through rough and cold winter nights. Also nomads in Morocco still carry these rugs with them. One big rug serves as a bed for the clan and with other rugs the nomads wrap themselves or cover them into the rug. Like a burrito.

The majority of Moroccan people, especially in the Atlas mountains and the desert regions, enjoy sleeping on the floor - on a warm and cozy rug which they made by themselves. It is common that 3 till 10 Family members sleep in the same room on the same rug, which are made by the Berber women of the family.

Berber Houses in the Atlas mountains

The following picture shows the beds which we arranged in a Moroccan Berber Style back in the days on a desert trip to the Sahara on the rooftop of Kasbah des Caids.

Berber Rug Beds on the floor

3 The traditional Beni Ourain rug has fringes only on one side.

Why? That`s coming from the way they are made. To knot a rug a weaving frame is necessary. So when they start to make a rug, there is not naturally any fringes coming, because usually they start by weaving a few lines. In the end of the rug there is naturally coming the lines to make the fringes. Nowadays the Berber women do also add fringes on both sides of a rug sometimes, as the demand and wishes came from customers. 

 Where do Beni Ourain Rug come from - knotting and weaving

How many of these facts did you already know or all new? You might have more amusing Facts about Beni Ourain rugs? Write a comment and share your words. I would love to read your feedback!

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