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PomPom decorative cushions - 7 colorsPompom Cushion Beige Black

8 colors available

Save $12.00Berber Celebration KissenBerber Celebration Kissen
Berber Celebration Kissen Sale price$69.00 Regular price$81.00
Kissenbezug aus Wolle in rot grün weiss
Deko Kissen BOUJAAD Sale price$92.00
Boujaad Berber Kissen rosa
Kaktusseide Kissen aus Marokko braun
Kaktus Seidenkissen Braun Sale price$54.00
Sold outKaktus Seidenkissen RotKaktus Seidenkissen Rot
Kaktus Seidenkissen Rot Sale price$54.00
Bohemian Dekokissen aus Marokko
Bohemian Boujaad Berber Kissen
BOUJAAD Deko-Kissen Sale price$104.00
Kaktusseide Kissen blau
Kaktusseide Kissen aus Marokko pinkSabra Kaktusseide Kissen pink
Kaktus Seidenkissen Rosa Sale price$54.00
Dekokissen rot mit Muster aus Wolle
Handcrafted Deco Kissen
Handcrafted Deco Kissen Sale price$57.00
Blue-ish Cactus SeidenkissenBlue-ish Cactus Seidenkissen
Sabra Kaktusseide Kissen braun
Kaktus Seidenkissen Braun Sale price$54.00
Purple-ish Cactus SeidenkissenPurple-ish Cactus Seidenkissen
Sold outKaktusseide Sabra Deko Kissen braun aus Marokko
Save $8.00Cactus Silk Cushion from Morocco Mustard YellowYellow-ish Cactus Seidenkissen
Yellow-ish Cactus Seidenkissen Sale price$46.00 Regular price$54.00
Save $8.00White-ish Cactus SeidenkissenWhite-ish Cactus Seidenkissen
White-ish Cactus Seidenkissen Sale price$46.00 Regular price$54.00
Kaktusseide Kissen rosa pink
Deko Kissen vintage orange lila
Sold outErdtöne Kaktus SeidenkissenErdtöne Kaktus Seidenkissen
Berber Deko Kissen aus Marokko
Berber Deko Kissen aus Marokko
MAYA Deko-Kissen Marokko Sale price$92.00
Boujaad Deko-Kissen aus Marokko


Pillowcase: Beauty and comfort in one

The pillowcase has undergone an impressive transformation in recent years. It is no longer just a simple piece of fabric covering a pillow. No, the modern cushion cover is a statement of design and aesthetics that will instantly enhance your living room or bedroom. At the same time, a high-quality pillowcase not only offers protection for the pillow itself, but also for your skin. Every night resting your face on a pillowcase should convey a feeling of luxury and well-being.

Why a high quality pillowcase is a must in every bedroom

A pillowcase is not just a fashion accessory. It also has functional aspects that are often underestimated. A good pillowcase ensures a comfortable sleeping environment and can even keep allergy-promoting particles away. In addition, a robust pillowcase protects your valuable pillow from wear and tear and dirt, so you can enjoy it for longer. So it's worth investing in a high-quality pillowcase in every respect.

Pillowcase for every season

Depending on the season, not only our wardrobe changes, but also our preferences when it comes to home accessories. A light, airy pillowcase brings summer freshness into the house, while a cozy pillowcase invites you to linger on cold winter days. Match your pillowcase to the season and enjoy an atmospheric ambience all year round. Sometimes it's just that one pillowcase that gives a room that certain something and transforms it from ordinary to extraordinary.

With the right pillowcase into the world of dreams

A well-chosen pillowcase can not only change the entire look of your bedroom but also ensure a restful sleep. A pillowcase made from high-quality materials hugs your skin gently and offers you a comfortable night's sleep. Discover and experience how a simple pillowcase can improve your sleep quality. Immerse yourself in the world of dreams with the perfect pillowcase.