3 tips how to find a wonderful interior decor gift for your mother, father or friends

We all know this moment, when Mother`s or Father`s Day approach, a good friend or the partner`s Birthday is approaching and the questions are arrising in us like: Which gift would make the other person happy? What could I give?

I judge an interior decor present to be a personal, wonderful and sustainable choice if you have taken the time to evaluate a bit what the gifted person usually finds really cool and admires.

How is an interior decor gift personal and wonderful? - Well, every time the gifted person sees or uses your gift in their home they will probably think about your gesture and might appreciate you for having charmed up their interior design with what you have given.

And how is it sustainable? - If you make an effort to choose a good quality product, the gift will last for a long time. And so will the joy.

However, let`s see how you can make a great choice before you purchase:



Be an observer and think about the person`s home and answer the following questions - at least the one`s you can answer:

- Which colors is the person decorating with? Which colors does this person like?

- Which materials does the person like?

- What is their usual style they like? For example: patterns.

If you don`t know the answer on any of these questions, you can either ask people which know the person well or you ask the person by yourself.



Sometimes we give someone a gift we would like to have. And in the same moment we are not aware of what the other person actually likes. Be attentive of the needs the gifted person expressed or just what they usually like.

An example: I really love green and violet in my interior design, but if I give someone a gift I try to be attentive what the other`s favorite colors are and don`t choose the one`s I like. Even if I am not the biggest fan of yellow for example, I will choose the color yellow when I make a gift to someone who loves these color, maybe in general or also in their interior design.

The gift is not for you and we all like different things. So my advice: Be an attentive giver and adjust the gifts to the person`s taste.



Before I said: Be attentive of what the gifted person usually likes. And now choose something, they might wouldn`t afford or give to themselves. Or also wouldn`t have found by themselves. Even if it is "a person who has everything already". Choose and give a gift also with a little story.

I want to explain in an example: When my grandfather died and I visited my grandmother to be part of the funeral, I brought her a pink Pompom blanket. I was not 100% sure if she likes the girly pink as her interior colors in the main areas are more green, red and orange. However, I knew she had a pink and green carpet in her bedroom. So I told her that I wanted to give her this blanket in this color, because in color psychology the color pink is used to enlighten the heart. With this color we feel relaxed, light-hearted and reminded back to days when we were children. With this explanation I judged the color I`ve chosen to be a good idea and she really liked it and didn`t want to exchange with another color.

If you want to know more about color psychology, read my blog about COLOR PSYCHOLOGY, where I explain every color how it affects our mood and how it is perfectly used in our interior design.


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