Where And How Are The Beni Ourain Rugs Knotted?

Where are the Beni Ourain carpets knotted? And who makes them?

There is many places in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains where Berber women knot the Beni Ourain rugs in women cooperatives and associations or also in private homes - nowadays so called "home offices". This women, which are working from home, cooperate with the cooperatives and are happy that they can do this kind of home office as it gives them financial independence and in the same time they can easily take care of their families.

Where is the wool coming from?

The wool comes from the local farmers which are still taken care of in a very traditional way - walking around freely with a shepherd all day long. The sheeps get shaved once in a while so the women can continue knotting the Beni Ourain rugs - there is no harm involved for the sheep in this process as their wool continues growing - it`s like going to the hairdresser for us.

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Why is every rug a unique piece?

Every rug in our shop is a unique piece and an artistic expression of Berber women (Amazigh = the correct and traditional expression for the Berber tribe). All of them are hand-knotted by eye measure. The Amazigh women need around 1 to 12 weeks to finish one rug - depending on the size - which will lay in your home for decades and if you want, for generations. Even when we put in order a custom rug which is "sur messure" - bespoke tailored service - there is never a 1 to 1 piece coming out in the end.

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