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I feel you! I know, first of all, the whole online store world can be pretty overwhelming. After spending two years in Morocco and immersed myself in the carpet art of 1001 Nights I decided to start my own carpet business. I wanted create a modern selection and combine my knowledge and experience of Moroccan carpet interior design with a sustainable company philosophy.

I started, me in the topic "Moroccan carpet art" - which was easy because my Moroccan partner came from a traditional carpet weaving family. I was so excited about the subject that I started traveling around - especially in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco - to learn all about the different traditional styles and the cooperatives that produce them.

At first I didn't think about starting a business, I brought Moroccan carpets to all my family members, friends and work colleagues who asked me. That's how I became in my personal environment to Expert for Moroccan Berber carpets .

As the demand and orders increased, I officially opened my business in 2017. During all these years work I work closely with specialized Moroccan carpet partners and spend many months of the year in Morocco original, traditional and sustainable products to ensure. Over time I expanded the selection to include various traditional carpet styles - the result of today's collection.

Today I have one loyal and enthusiastic Instagram and carpet interior community who love my unique and sustainable products buys. I get regular inquiries from customers and hotels to find their perfect product.

What I mean by that: It is also possible for you to make your home a more comfortable and stylish place. If you If you are ready for a new change , let yourself be inspired in the shop. I help you also happy to help you find your perfect choice .

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