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These orginal Berber Beni Ourain rugs are knotted by hand and made out of pure sheep wool. Tailor-made for you. As they are made by hand every rug is a unique piece. The imperfection make every piece one-of-a-kind and raise as originals from industrial mass products. The meassures are standard sizes.

If you have a special wish about the size just leave me a mail to

Wherever you want to have your rug - bedroom, living room, children room or in your office - a classy Beni Ourain fits to every interior design, leaving it cozy, tasteful and radiantly elegant. Already known personalities and architects like Yves Saint Laurent and Le Corbusier appreciated these rugs in their rooms.

This Beni Ourain rugs are made in the Atlas mountains of Morocco made out of the best sheep wool, where it also gets its color from. If you also have any color wishes, it is also possible to adapt according to what you want and need.

Please be aware that rugs, which are custom-made, can slightly be different then the one of the shown picture. Berber women work by hand and the traditional way of sense of proportion.

Material: pure wool

Fringes: traditional on one side (if you want, there can be fringes added on both sides)

Estimated time of delivery depending on the size: 4-10 weeks (you will be informed)

Size: one of the suggested sizes or according to your wish (please mail to - the price is 250.-Chf per square meter