39 Moroccan Berber Rugs - NOW ON SALE - Outlet

A hand knotted Berber Rug from Morocco for a fire sale Price?

You want a one-of-a-Kind Beni Ourain, Azilal or Kilim carpet, to bring your interior design to a new Level?

We feel you! Especially during this quarantine-time you want to be cosy in your home. Now is the perfect time, to bring freshness into your home design!

So you are here exactly at the right place, because we are cleaning up our stock to welcome hopefully soon (when this crazy Corona situation is over) a new collection.

That is all to your advante. The Prices are as low as never before. But BE AWARE that EVERY RUG EXISTS ONLY ONCE. That means, what is gone, is gone. 

CLICK HERE and discover all 39 single pieces. 

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