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Article: The 3 most famous carpet styles from Morocco - WHICH STYLE SUITS YOU?

Die 3 berühmtesten Teppich Stile aus Marokko - WELCHER STIL PASST ZU DIR?

The 3 most famous carpet styles from Morocco - WHICH STYLE SUITS YOU?

Today I will introduce you to the three most famous and popular main styles of Moroccan carpets that have dominated the interior carpet market for a long time.


BENI OURAIN – the timeless classic among carpets, which usually has a white base color and black lines or dots.

AZILAL - the cheerful, charismatic and creative carpet, which usually has a white base color, but impresses with a colorful design, often in a diamond pattern.

THE BOUJAAD - this is possibly the carpet that we imagine when we think of the typical Berber carpet. It is usually very colorful, typically found in red, orange or purple creations and decorated with various Berber symbols as patterns. The diamond pattern is also often used here.


- Handmade by Berber women

- The original carpets come from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

- They are all made of wool.

- The diamond pattern or diamond pattern is very common in all three styles. But not a must.

But now to the question that is really important to you...

Which style suits your home best? Maybe you're reading this because you're not sure what to choose or you want some inspiration.

Now, look around the room where you would like to have a carpet or imagine it. The first important question is: Do you like how this room already looks or would you like a complete change anyway? This question is important when deciding your rug style. So please answer the question for yourself: Do you like the way your room already looks or would you like a complete change?

Ok, let's get started.

How would you define the style you have in the room you want or what style would you like to bring to the room? Describe this in a few words or adjectives. I'll let you think about it a bit NOW, feel free to say it or write it down.

Examples: bohemian, Scandinavian, modern, simple, colorful, cheerful, bright, jungle, rustic, vintage, shabby chic, country house, cozy, fresh, industrial, retro, close to nature, glamorous, chic, noble, elegant, friendly, classic, casual, creative

Try to define your style in words. The more precisely you can define the style for yourself, the easier it will be to find the perfect rug.

Maybe you don't have a specific style in your home, just your personal, mixed-taste style - let's call it that. Try it anyway… Is it modern for you? Or a bit shabby chic? Very clean in style? Classic? Do you like vintage, meaning old, used furniture and unique pieces that you may have creatively "pimped up" yourself? Or do you have a mix of different styles? Try to define the style in words. The more precisely you can define the style for yourself, the easier it will be to find the perfect rug.

Now I have another important question for you… What are the 3-5 main colors in the room or what colors would you like for the room? Of course, the walls and floor are a big part of the main colors in the room and should definitely be included.

Now you should have defined your style and colors. This will give you a clearer picture of what you want for the space you want.

When it comes to deciding which style of carpet to choose, this is important to know. Because of course I want you to be happy with your carpet for a long time and sustainably. A clear idea and goal of how you want to design the room in terms of style and colors is the be-all and end-all.

How do you combine your interior design with the three carpet styles?

What style do you see yourself in most?

Classic beauty - stands for Beni Ourain

Happy home - stands for Azilal

Energy of colors - represents the Boujaad

First let's talk about classic beauty . This is about the white Beni Ourain carpet with the black line or dot patterns. If your home is classic , you like it timeless , you are a fan of neutral and modern colors and you like furniture that you can easily combine with, for example, seasonal decoration, then a Beni Ourain rug is a wonderful choice for you!

The advantages of this carpet style, it makes your room bright because of the high proportion of warm white in the carpet. The Beni Ourain always looks modern and tasteful . Combined with other Nordic decorations, you can give your home a Scandinavian look in no time if you want. Believe me, I have never seen a room where a Beni Ourain didn't look good. He is elegant . He looks tasteful. Its presence and exclusive beauty invite you to marvel. The classic beauty - The Beni Ourain.

The happy home . Now I'm writing about the Azilal carpet - the mostly white carpet with a colored pattern. Nowadays, Azilal carpets can often be found in the interior design world in bright, modern apartments, lofts or even wooden houses. Azilal can fit into different styles and leave their own unique charm . If you answer YES to the following three questions, this is exactly the style you should choose: Do you like a creative atmosphere in your home? Do you like an artistic touch in your decor? Do you like a colorful statement in your space? How many of these questions did you answer with YES? One thing is for sure: this style is a cheerful and very creative choice . As you probably already know, every original Moroccan Azilal carpet only exists ONE TIME. So you can be sure that your Azilal carpet will make your room absolutely unique with its presence alone. The Happy Home - THE AZILAL CARPET.

And finally to the BOUJAAD. What do you think of the atmospheric power of colors ?

You can have a classic interior design style, but have always had one or two favorite colors. If so, you should also consider a Boujaad or Azilal rug with your colors as a classic interior design type.

Don't forget, colors have a fantastic effect , colors can influence your mood and well-being. Some colors have an energizing effect and make you happy, some, for example, are calming ... For this reason alone, a Boujaad rug can be an excellent and enriching choice for you! Aside from the colors, a Boujaad rug can make a home feel very bohemian in style. Combine it with lots of plants, a string of lights, lots of books and some antique furniture and your home is a bohemian oasis, a wonderful combination! BUT, a boujaad is not just a choice for the bohemians among us. The colorful Boujaad is a total hit in the current interior design world in modern, bright white apartments and houses with white or wooden floors combined with lots of white color around it. If you have a home like this and decide on a Boujad, you'll have an amazing statement in the room! Keep the rest of the room simple and neutral.

Another thought about Boujaad… Are you afraid of making the wrong decision? Don't worry about bold colors, lots of people do! Many people think that after a while they no longer like it or have had enough of it. Please don't do that! Be bold if you are drawn to a colorful, confident rug. Let it happen! Do not be afraid and you will see what beauty and joy the carpet will bring to your home. The energy of colors - THE BOUJAAD.

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