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Article: 7 Tipps zum Umdekorieren von Räumen

7 Tipps zum Umdekorieren von Räumen

7 Tipps zum Umdekorieren von Räumen

Your interior design is not really harmonious? You would like to change it but don't know how to start? Level up your home with these 7 tips!

Your home should remain a harmonious space where you feel comfortable and happy to live in. When we get a new flat, we often just start putting randomly furniture and decoration together. The result can have a slightly messy look, somehow it does not really give a well-rounded overall image. So let's see what you can do when you already have a home and how to redecorate it the best.

How can you redecorate your home?

  1. Choose a color palette for each room. That means, choose 4-6 colors and you stick with them in the whole room. You can find wonderful color palette inspirations on Pinterest for example. Being harmonious and consistent with the colors is key.

  2. Start with a fantastic rug. Make a statement in the room. Many interior designers start with the rug and the rest falls into place. That means, you build the room around the colors and patterns of the rug. Repeat them in decoration. If you still don`t have one – get one and decide after getting your dream rug the color palette for the room. If you are happy with the rug you already have, great! Adjust it to the room. If you don't like your rug - give it to someone who likes it. Everybody likes nice presents. ;)
  3. Switch decoration from different rooms. You don`t have to buy everything new that it fits into the color palette. Go through your apartment and see in other rooms what could actually fit into the room you want to change. And what fits also to the color palette you chose.
  4. Paint walls and furniture in the colors you like. Table, chairs, whatever you want, paint it in the color you want to have it instead of getting new ones. Do not overcrowd all the walls, but painting for example one wall, to which the light falls from the windows, can have a beautiful dramatic WOW effect on the whole interior design as it adds interest and personality to the room.
  5. Play with textures. Combining different materials and patterns together in one room is an evergreen, fresh idea. If you want to change for example something about your couch, you don`t have to get a new one. Just find a nice cover in the colors and patterns you like to mix with the rest.
  6. Be creative with your walls and add framed paintings, photography, mirrors or posters . I love for example who works with artists and you get amazing wall decoration for a reasonable price. Or get a big world map on your wall. Add personality to your wells. Your home tells the story of who you are and especially the walls are THE SPACE TO EXHIBIT WHAT YOU LOVE. Let your home be your museum. So… Don`t be afraid of hammering a nail into the wall of your rented apartment. You can easily fill up the holes when you move out of it. And again, be aware of the color palette also by choosing the pictures on the wall.
  7. Create a moodboard before you start . Find pictures on Pinterest that you like. Also include the color palette. Then go to, create your own design and find a nice “moodboard template”. Try 3-4 different moodboards, print them and put them on a table. Look at them for a while and see which one captures most of your attention and love.

Where do you start now? Still any questions? Or do you might have more tips? Don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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