How To Wash Your Berber Rug - Step by Step Instruction

Your rug got dirty? You want to wash it to get a completely refreshed and clean rug? That`s no problem, take around one or two hours of your time. Very important to know in the beginning, you should dry the rug outside - for example on your balcony. So be aware, that you have a look into the weather forecast and it says that the next 2-3days will be sunny.


What do you need?

- A bucket, if possible a big one

- A soft brush

- (Wool) laundry detergent

- Lukewarm water

- Fabric softener


Ok let`s go step by step through the cleaning process:


  1. Prepare a bucket of lukewarm water and mix it with wool laundry detergent. Use 10 cups of water for one cup of laundry detergent.
  2. Before you start with the washing, shake your rug to get rid of the dust.
  3. Place the rug into a bathtub (don`t forget to put a sieve) or on a terrace for example. If the ground is not clean, put a big plastic under the rug. Wherever you can pour water, you can wash your rug.
  4. The rug is now ready for its treatment. Pour the prepared bucket with water and laundry detergent over the rug.
  5. Now you can use the soft brush to carefully massage the soap into the rug. Focus on dirty spots on the rug.
  6. After that you get more water without laundry detergent and you pour a generous amount of water over the rug that the soap leaves the rug.
  7. Role the rug in to get rid of water and role it out again to continue.
  8. Now it`s time for the fabric softener. There fore you use your hands! Not the brush. Try to reach each corner, each knot of the rug.
  9. Clean the rug now from the fabric softener – use again a generous amount of water and pour it over the rug.
  10. Roll the rug in again to make it loose water.
  11. Now your rug needs to dry – do not use a hair dryer. Best is sunlight. Hang it outside.
  12. After one to three days your fresh washed rug is ready. As the Moroccan Rugs are made out of untreated wool, it is possible that the wool has a certain smell. But no worries, that goes away after a few days.

If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to write a comment or also let me know how your washing-process went, if you`ve tried.

Hedi Adahmani Berber Teppiche BE Marrakech Riad

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