Why are some Berber carpets on sale?

Why are some of our handcrafted Berber carpets on sale?

I imagine, you know this amazing feeling, when you notice that a product gets on fire sale that you were already wanting for a while. This is then your chance to get a traditional handcrafted product for an unbeatable good price.

The reason why some carpets on our website are on sale and some not is easily and shortly explained:

We want to provide the best possible quality for you.

So the question is: How can we provide that you get the highest quality possible?

To understand this, you need to know, that most of our Berber rugs are made out of pure wool, mainly chemically-untreated best sheep wool from Atlas mountain sheeps. And wool is a natural product that likes to breathe.

Resultantly, when a Berber rug is already laying a few months in our storage, we put the price on sale in respect to find soon a home for the rug, where it is loved and can freely breathe all day long as much as it wants. And no worries, while it is in our storage, we take extraordinarily well care of the rugs.

While the rugs are in our storage, we cherish the rugs by

  • moving them around once in a while,
  • often open the window, so cold and fresh Swiss mountain air enters the wool of the Moroccan Berber rugs,
  • sometimes opening them completely up and give them time to breathe.

Yes, we prefer to put rugs on sale to guarantee the quality and to assure that every single Moroccan Berber rug is well taken care of in its life carreer. Exactly the way as it deserves to be treaten. So to say species-appropriate.

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