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Article: Meet Khalil, our rug specialist in Morocco

Hedi Adahmani und Berber Teppich Spezialist Khalil aus Marokko

Meet Khalil, our rug specialist in Morocco

When I just started my small carpet business, I was more of an enthusiast and admirer than a professional dealer in the industry. Mainly that is why I only brought 5-10 five carpets from every trip to Morocco – the world's capital of carpet artistry and manufacture.

On the one hand, it allowed me to stay true to my aesthetics and offer my customers the best, carefully selected Berber rugs. But at the same, I felt that I and my business are ready to take another step forward and discover the whole richness and aspiring diversity of Moroccan carpet art.

And although I have already had a pretty solid list of contacts with Moroccan dealers and manufacturers who offered high-quality Berber rugs, I felt that during a trip in February 2017, I would be looking for a new level of expertise and inspiration that would help me excite and fascinate my customers with the aesthetics of Berber Rugs the way that those incredible artists fascinate and excite me every time I came to Morocco.

Little did I know that during this trip, I would meet not just another passionate expert and a qualified consultant but my true friend and an ally in Morocco who helps me provide you with the best quality items and examples of Berber carpet art.

Original Beni Ourain quality carpets from Morocco

His name is Khalil and here are only some of the things that he manages for me in Morocco:

  • Quality checks;
  • Communication and networking with manufacturers in the Atlas Mountains. Especially when we receive an order for a custom-made rug;
  • Packaging and logistics to ensure the safe delivery of every item.

Today I want you to meet Khalil. He is an integral part of our team and one of those aspiring people who work hard to help you dive into the magical world of Moroccan carpet art.

Berber rugs shop Morocco Switzerland

Khalil is one of those lucky people who was born into the fascinating world of Berber rugs manufacture and trade.

Both his parents' families have been involved in manufacturing various Moroccan handicrafts like rugs, blankets, and Djellabas (traditional Moroccan dress in the mountains to cover up) for generations.

From the youngest age, Khalil has been assisting his father in their family rug shop. There he learned all the ins and outs of Berber rug manufacture and trade and discovered the world of Moroccan carpet aesthetics, its principles, and origin.

He often told me the stories from his childhood, how he was sitting next to a Berber woman watching her wearing the rag, trying to master the art himself. How he listened carefully to his father's talks with suppliers and customers, learning about the aesthetics and artistry of Berber rugs as well as various materials, principles of manufacture, and trade.

Since he was a little boy, Khalil has dreamed of opening his own carpet store one day. As soon as he grew up, he made his dream come true. Together with his brother and a cousin, they opened a shop, the Dune Galerie, which has now turned into one of the best Antique and Carpet stores in the old medina of Marrakech.

Marrakech Berber Beni Ourain carpet specialists

However, Khalil is more than just another business contact in Morocco for me. We share the values ​​and principles that allow us to grow our businesses mutually, providing our customers with the best products and examples of Moroccan carpet artistry.

We are both very attentive to detail, checking the texture of materials and every knot and stitch before offering a product to our customers.

We also share our views and values ​​on sustainability and recognize the importance of supporting Moroccan artisanal manufacturers and small family businesses. Except for ensuring that our trade as id fully ethical, we are sure that this approach helps to preserve and develop the ancient and authentic art of Berber rugs manufacture.

Last but not least, or maybe even the most important value that me and Khalil share and cherish in our business, is professionalism. It is always a challenge for a European like me, who is used to precision and punctuality in every deal, to find a business partner abroad, especially in the Middle East countries that have their specifics and peculiarities in the business culture and networking. Khalil has a very flexible mindset that allows him to be efficient and successful both in Moroccan and European markets. He understands the needs and vision of each customer and business partner and manages to deliver the exact result you are expecting from a credible, trustworthy partner.

Hedi Adahmani Berber carpets Switzerland with Khalil carpet specialist from Morocco

I am happy that Khalil is such a big part of my business as people like him are exactly what help me establish and develop my business, provide my customers with the best products and introduce Europe to the fascinating magical world of Berber Carpets artistry.

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